910works is a design team from Japan and winner of many awards, including the prestigious German iF and Red Dot design awards.  Our team consists of members with racing industry, high tech, and electronic ID backgrounds.  All disciplines which emphasize racing related structures, fluid mechanics and material science. The overriding commonality between our team is our undying passion towards Longboarding.


910works is dedicated to the evolvement of Longboarding and its peripherals. Our vision does not involve thoroughly transforming Longboarding through modifications such as electric generators or brake systems. Instead, we aim to undertake evolvement via refined performance while staying true to the simplicity of Longboarding, the very essence which makes riding enjoyable. Evolvement can also come in the form of integrating performance racing sciences into Longboarding,improving the aerodynamics, mechanics and materials of precision grade Longboard peripherals. Our intermediate aim is applying ultra precise processes into building a series of cutting edge kits which improve the performance and enjoyment of every discipline, be it downhill or freeride.  Ultimately our products will aid in constructing a high performance Longboard.


Precision Check Mount(PCM) and GPS Training will be 910works first products, which will be followed by our Precision Truck(GT1). The GT1  was designed under performance racing specifications, and we are confident it will be the premier precision truck on the market. 910works values performance, and therefore flawless performance is our ultimate goal.


Performance racing science is our expertise, which we have successfully integrated into Longboard precision products. Each minute detail has gone through rigorous tests in the laboratory, and each design is proven to be optimal.